Rooms returns to the Melody Inn 2/3/2017

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The first Rooms show of 2017 will be February 3rd at the Melody Inn in Indianapolis!

We will be joining Bullet Points, Memetics, and Apollo Mono for a great night of rock. Hop on the Facebook event here:

Hope to see you there!

‘Drawing the City Walls’ is out now!

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After many delays, our new album Drawing the City Walls is now available for download and streaming!

Drawing the City Walls on Bandcamp

Drawing the City Walls on Spotify

Drawing the City Walls on Apple Music

Drawing the City Walls on Google Play Music

Drawing the City Walls on Amazon MP3

Drawing the City Walls on Tidal

no, we aren’t dead or broken up

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listen, we’re working. maybe its at a slow pace but we are working. kev’s got his dental practice, matt & ben have management to worry about, and andrew’s got deadlines.
but seriously, we are almost done writing the next record. srsly. it’ll be a lot like the last one: a few two and a half minute burners that feel epic. but it will also be really fresh: obtuse three parters/mini concept ep’s within one “song.”
bear with us as we find the right arrangements and continue to play shows.

SHOWS!!! we have one coming up Sunday, May 22nd at our 2nd practice space, the Melody Inn with a flat out awesome post-dance band called Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun. ben’s old band thin fevers played with them and granted, the turnout was shit, but they fucking ruled so dont miss out. awesome flyer to come out soon a la whenever the next issue of Interview magazine hits the mailbox. Warhol was a genius. dont you think?

follow us around town on November 19th

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so no, we dont play out all the time and no, we dont have a new release coming out next week. what rooms has in store for you is some city traversing fun coming up on 11.19.10!

number 9
we are privileged to have been asked to play Tonic Ball 9, a yearly fundraiser for Second Helpings, one of the raddest food rescue/job training/feeding those that need it NFP is this city. every year their committee chooses an artist that any high school rock band would be happy to cover but seasoned professionals (like us) find daunting and intimidating. so OF COURSE we play the year they pick the Beatles. it only makes sense, dammit.
now ben has a piece of artwork up for grabs at the Tonic Gallery and money from its sale will also go to Second Helpings. you can go stare at that over at the New Day Meadery, right across the street from the Fountain Square Theater where rooms will be playing a relatively early set of 3 songs: two originals and a Beatles cover…which one?…you’ll just have to show up and enjoy it, or, ask us.

art+music=the best
the SAME NIGHT over at the Melody Inn Rooms will be playing one of the more enjoyable shows of the season. well, enjoyable for us because we love playing clusterf*@k shows. the show brings back for one night only Creepin’ Charley and the Boneyard Orchestra (great dirty dark dark dark blues), Order of the Black Hand (great dirty dirty dirty dark metal), and Rooms (great dirty, slightly grey scaled indie). DJ Dicky Fox will be making prerecorded songs audible between sets. the coolest things about the show? whats happening next door….

each of the bands (and DJ) were hand picked by Andy Fark not just for their musical fortitude but also artistic expression via visual arts. There will be at least one artist from each band presenting their work two doors down at The Melody Inn Reception Hall. its art baby:

Art by:
Shelby Kelley(Creepin’ Charley And The Boneyard Orchestra)
Andy Fark(Creepin’ Charley And The Boneyard Orchestra)
Benjamin Traub(Rooms)
Dru Cadaver(Order Of The Black Hand)
Mike Graves aka DJ Dicky Fox

oh yea…Kevin’s going to be a dada again, twice over, so bring some baby clothes to our shows for him and some Sunking for me and andrew. Matt likes the

Free Rooms Show 6/24 with Household Guns, Abner Trio

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We’re playing Thursday, June 24th at Butler Scion’s Free Thursdays show at Locals Only Art & Music Pub in Indianapolis! It’s a free show with two other great bands, so how could you miss it?

Review? in Verbicide

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Is this a review? It’s some stuff copy and pasted from our press kit and a link to download a track from the album.

Still, it’s press!

Rooms show 5/21 with Goodnight Process, The Stereo Flys, and God Made Robots

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Flyer: Rooms show 5/21 with Goodnight Process, The Stereo Flys, and God Made RobotsRooms is playing again Friday, May 21st at the historic Melody Inn! It’s a great lineup with four awesome bands and no cheese or boring stuff:

Goodnight Process
Power-pop / rock and roll from Portland, Maine. This band plays some catchy tunes.
Goodnight Process on Myspace

The Stereo Flys
Fuzzy 60s psychedelia meets modern indie pop sensablities. From Boston!

God Made Robots
Indianapolis rockers with catchy pop hooks. If you haven’t seen this band, you need to.
God Made Robots on MySpace

You know Rooms! That’s why you’re here. We’ve got lots of new material to drop on you, so come out and rock with us.

The Melody Inn is located at 3826 N. Illinois St. in Indianapolis. Doors at 9PM, $7 admission. 21+

Rooms review in Tiny Mix Tapes

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Well, the reviewer didn’t particularly care for it, but we got a review in Tiny Mix Tapes, which is pretty cool:

He does seem to like one track, at least:

“Consistent to a fault, Rooms were smart to follow age-old wisdom to shake up what they’ve got going on the last track. “Red Sky” rises and falls through its sections on some great (read: noticeable) drumwork and, by shuffling in more surprises than the other eight tracks combined, ends up being their most complex and rewarding song.”

Rooms Review in Eastern Surf Magazine!

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Another review!

“Matt Askren and Kevin Toole present passionate vocal talent, guided by the tight drum work of Ben Traub and taut bassiactrics of Andrew Greenburg. Rooms maintains energy yet lacks extreme diversity. Luckily, the energy and instrumental skill level of the members is so above par that there isn’t a single song that presents a notable twinge of displeasure.”

Rooms & Freddie T Rock Locals Only May 7th!

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Freddie T and the People, Rooms, and some other bands to be announced will be rocking Locals Only Art & Music Pub on Friday, May 7th!

Freddie T and the People are an amazing supergroup of talented musicians led by Fred Erskine (of June of 44, Hoover, The Boom, Him, etc.) with members of Racebannon, Medusa, and Nidus. They play infectious rock with serious classic soul and reggae influences.

There will also be other bands and we will soon know who they are.

21+ $5 or $6 or so.

Locals Only is located at 2449 E. 56th Street in Indianapolis.