well, he listened to at least one song: our first cruddy review.

“I’ve got a favorite track from the new self-titled full-length by local post-punk band Rooms: Forming Shapes, a relaxed but upbeat song that gets in and out in a little over two minutes, ornamented by a little piano, falling a third into a catchy chorus, suggesting Modest Mouse or The Shins. I don’t have another though; while it’s workmanlike post-punk that recalls, say, Don Caballero, June of ’44 and even Television, I’m unimpressed by the lyrics (which play on the band’s name, discussing the rooms, often suburban, that keep us apart) and the music doesn’t seem quite inventive enough for this to rise beyond the genre, which is framed around repeated picked guitar lines and depends on subtle changes on further iterations in the vein of classical minimalism. But it’s certainly worth a listen — it’s executed well enough that those interested in any of the above bands will probably find something to like — and comes free with one’s admission at Friday’s CD release. —SS”

well thanks for liking THAT song. does it really matter if the name of the band uses that word in a song? i mean, it would be akward for Mike from Racebannon to say “and then Racebannon was there ….” but for a word like “Rooms” to be used in a song about births, well no, its not playing with any meanings of the bands name. the name is pretty densly packed with no meaning. thats why bands are afraid to use simple day to day words but some do – speakers, liars, can, death, health.

whatever, come to the show, get a cd, make up your own mind.

  1. Andrew says:

    Hey, it’s free publicity.

  2. ben says:

    no its not free. it cost one cd of which he only likes one song.

  3. Chandler says:

    So the Rooms CD was waiting for me in my mailbox today.

    This is hot stuff, kids. Nice work. Really digging it.

    I can help hook you up with shows and other bands in NYC if you’re not sissies.

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