Ben does double drum duty for next weeks show

i think maybe it was Incest Fest (13 bands, all connected, all at one show) about 5 years ago, when fevers played then a few bands later didache played… but that was at my house and well… its not the same.

Rooms was tagged to play this a while ago, but in needing an opener for a show always brings up the question, “why dont we get your other band to play too?” well, because no one ever thinks i can play two blazing sets in one night. well thats just horse hockey. i can have sex and then play a show, so how hard could doing two sets be? it wont be.

both bands are super fun to play in and as long as i can keep my head clear and my muscles warm it shouldnt be a problem. the show is free, there will be some good beer there (locals always has something delicious on tap), and you get to see how many beats i jack from each band im in.

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