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Rooms review in Tiny Mix Tapes

Posted in News on May 4th, 2010 by Andrew – 1 Comment

Well, the reviewer didn’t particularly care for it, but we got a review in Tiny Mix Tapes, which is pretty cool:

He does seem to like one track, at least:

“Consistent to a fault, Rooms were smart to follow age-old wisdom to shake up what they’ve got going on the last track. “Red Sky” rises and falls through its sections on some great (read: noticeable) drumwork and, by shuffling in more surprises than the other eight tracks combined, ends up being their most complex and rewarding song.”

SLUG Magazine Review of the Rooms Album

Posted in News on April 15th, 2010 by Andrew – Be the first to comment

There’s a great review of the Rooms album in the April 2010 issue of SLUG Magazine. You can read it at:

Ben does double drum duty for next weeks show

Posted in News on November 11th, 2009 by Ben – Be the first to comment

i think maybe it was Incest Fest (13 bands, all connected, all at one show) about 5 years ago, when fevers played then a few bands later didache played… but that was at my house and well… its not the same.

Rooms was tagged to play this a while ago, but in needing an opener for a show always brings up the question, “why dont we get your other band to play too?” well, because no one ever thinks i can play two blazing sets in one night. well thats just horse hockey. i can have sex and then play a show, so how hard could doing two sets be? it wont be.

both bands are super fun to play in and as long as i can keep my head clear and my muscles warm it shouldnt be a problem. the show is free, there will be some good beer there (locals always has something delicious on tap), and you get to see how many beats i jack from each band im in.